Bazaar Journals

These journals are made from recycled, acid free handmade paper consisting natural fibers that are wood free. Covered in scrap indian fabric, these journals will really brighten up your day... with your words, color and all. 

Journaling. Putting all thoughts, emotions, and ideas onto a page, no matter how dark or strange. A place that can hold all the daydreams and crazy ideas. If you want to feel more calm and lower stress, have a look back at what you wrote last week or a couple months ago. Your story / your journey may be something that can help you self build, and help you feel more sane and clear. Apparently 15 minutes of expressive writing a day can improve physical and mental health.  Now, I love to read back to all of my wild travels days, relationships, quotes from songs, sad days and dreams. It feels like a way to return to myself. - TT

Product Details

  • Lined paper
  • String used to close or mark page
  • Handmade in India


2 products

2 products