Our Story

Yaatree, यात्री, Hindi for “the traveler”   

  Hi, I’m Taylor, and Yaatree is my daydream manifest.

I was just home from backpacking through Ecuador, where I caught my lust for travel. That experience brought me to Sun Dog, a boutique on Long Beach Island, NJ,
which led me all the way to India to source materials.
Without that experience and guidance on my first journey into international travel and the world of textiles, I would never have known this way of life.

With nothing keeping me home, I indulged my wanderlust for seven months, and explored as much of Asia as I could ...

... traveling down the Mekong River to Laos by slowboat, camping in the Indian desert, and meeting inspiring people from all over the world.
I’ve spent my last 8 winters traveling, growing, designing and falling more deeply in love with foreign textiles and sustainable fashion.

Along the way, I’ve made the most amazing connections with artisans in Bali, India and Morocco … many of who now feel like family. 

Every design is a dream come to life; a hand-made collaboration with Eastern artisans I’m so grateful to know.

It’s my joy to highlight these carefully curated designs alongside the works of LBI’s own talented makers.

And I’m proud to say every bit of our process is sustainable.

This brand embodies the traveler.

The curious, free-spirited bohemian who follows their intuition, moves effortlessly and lives boldly.

The person who treads lightly and with purpose on our planet.

Your style is your art and your story – an extension of your creative spirit worn on the outside for all to witness.

—Taylor Thorn

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