About Yaatree



Our Story ..  began when we met and worked together on the tiny island of Long Beach Island, New Jersey. A resting point for one us, Australian, to ("perhaps" pause extended traveling ) open a retail brick and mortar, get married and, just for good measure, have a daughter. A family holiday spot for the other, right out of college.                                                                                

From the beginning, we had fashion, color and a love for travel in common. The kind of travel that's a journey and usually involves some kind of crazy adventure.  From these shared passions, "Yaatree" was born.

We couldn't be more excited to share Yaatree with you ... what we consider magic, raveled together.  This  journey of ours has us wandering through markets in search of just the right fabric, loosing our minds over incredible textiles and meeting the most wonderful people along the way.  We're truly blessed.

 Designing, sourcing, creating, is what we love doing. Our goal is to offer quality and beauty you can live, travel and (if you like), sleep in.  In Hindi, 'Yaatree' translates to 'journey'. Take one with us.                                                               We hope you love every single piece, just as we do.

Michelle & Taylor